Monday, May 27, 2013

Interactive Writing- Africa Animals, Parts of a Flower, Ocean Animals

Learning about animals that live in Africa!
We shared the pen and students practiced stretching words slowly.
While one student is at the board adding to our
class anchor chart 6 other students have
individual marker boards are are writing the same thing.

After we completed our class anchor chart
the students went bak to their tables
and created their own Africa Animals Chart!
Labeling the Parts of Flowers

After we completed our class anchor chart the students
went back to their tables
and worked on their own flower!

Ocean Animals
Last month our school wide writing focus was Non-fiction!
Kindergarten's science focus was living verses non-living!
AND we were planning a field trip to the Denver Aquarium!
I absolutely L-O-V-E it when things align so perfectly! =)
We again incorporated interactive writing for our ocean animals. I unfortunately don't have a picture of our class anchor chart this time... We completed the activity the same as other interactive writing whole group writing. I SHARE the marker with my students!
1. One student is writing on our class anchor chart.
2. 6 other students are writing the SAME THING
on their individual marker boards.
3. The entire class is practicing stretching the word slowly
and identify ALL sounds they hear in each word.
4. Then we SWITCH! 6 new students get the individual marker boards.
***My goal for next year is to have a marker board for EVERY student to use all at the same time!
After completing the activity in whole group students
went back to their desks and completed their own
Ocean Animal chart!
How do you use interactive writing in your classroom?!
Leave me a comment and share your ideas! =)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kindergarten Science: Planting Grass with 2 FREEBIES!!

After completing our living verses nonliving unit
we ended with planting our grass!
When adding seeds to the soil
make sure the students put a couple heaping pinches of grass seed.
Several students chose to put only a few grass seeds
and they were disappointed
how their grass looked compared to their peers once it started to grow.
We placed the cups of soil and seeds in our classroom window
to ensure they received lots of sunlight!

Students were responsible for helping to take care of our grass!
This became a weekly helper job!
Back to School- Instant Job Chart
Once the grass was long enough to our liking :)
we were ready to make a Silly Grass Person!
Students could choose 1 of the  3 choices of the silly faces!
Put on a Happy Face {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}

Now it was time for writing!
We took this opportunity to use our imaginations
and write creative stories about our
Silly Plant Person!
"My Plant Person is going to the deep in the seas."
"My grass is a Princess. Grow so tall he went to Disney World to see
the princess like mermaid."
"My Plant grow so fast he can have cotton candy for breakfast,
lunch, and dinner."
"Mine grew so tall that it wanted to live in the garden."

Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

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