Sunday, April 28, 2013

Living vs. Nonliving

Our science unit is currently comparing Living vs. Nonliving.
Here is a little of what the students did!

After sorting living and nonliving pictures in whole group students went back to their desks to complete a Living Graphic Organizer on their own. The first day we focused only on LIVING and the second day students completed a Living AND Nonliving Graphic Organizer. (I unfortunately don't have pictures of the second.)

These are so easily differentiated with this student simply drawing the pictures and verbally stating what is living. I then labeled the pictures with the student!

After drawing the pictures each student had to stretch the words slowly
and write all the sounds heard!

Interactive Writing Whole Group

The Living and Nonliving Picture cards used for sorting
can be FOUND HERE!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Butterfly Life Cycle - Nonfiction Reading Comprehension

Writing/Reading Comprehension {All about BUTTERFLIES}
62 pages of worksheets and activities that can be used
with any nonfiction and fiction book about BUTTERFLIES!
Students took turns sorting the life cycle of a butterfly!
After sorting the butterfly life cycle several times in whole group the students completed their own life cycle independently. (For some reason I completely missed taking a picture of a completed student life cycle, so here is an example of the worksheet found in this packet.)
Students wrote a complete sentence stating one fact they learned about the butterfly life cycle.
This task can be easily differentiated
by requiring more sentences for students that need to be challenged.
If a student isn't yet able to write a sentence independently
the student can draw and label the life cycle. This student can also verbally dictate the life cycle while the teacher records the student's words.


We completed the labeling of butterfly body parts in whole group with some interactive writing!
The students absolutely LOVE coming up to the board as if they are the teacher!
As one student is writing on the teacher board other students are stretching the word slowly as a group and then students can have individual student marker boards to complete the writing on their own. We did this activity at the beginning and the end of the lesson multiple times!

The students chose 4 butterfly body parts they wanted to practice stretching and writing indpendently! 
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kindergarten Writing Center: Write the Room {Insect Theme} and a FREEBIE!!

This is such a fun and engaging kindergarten sight word activity to get students moving about AND WRITING/ SPELLING/ READING sight words! They are so busy having fun they don't even realize they are working! =)

Here is my newest Write the Room packet with an INSECT THEME!

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If your student enjoy my Write the Room activity please check out my other themed packets!

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Write the Room {Insect Theme}  FREEBIE!!
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Preschool Songs and Kindergarten Songs: Counting and Learning Numbers with YouTube

Here are some of my kindies absolute favorite number songs! These videos are great to do at the beginning of a math lesson to get some wiggles out before introducing a new topic. These videos are also great to use any time during the day for a transition and/or Brain Break!

I've even played the number songs in the middle of winter when it's too cold and snowy outside and the kinders are forced to stay inside for indoor recess.

Indoor Recess.... BOO!!    Number songs.... YAY!!

Greg and Steve's: The Number Rock
Counting to Twentey
I Can Count to 100 (counting song for kids by Mark D. Pencil) 
Counting to 100 by 1's
Exercise and Count by 5's (5 Finger on my Right Hand...) Jack Hartmann
Counting to 100 by 5's
Click on the picture of the Number Songs
to be taken to the YouTube link!

Daily Math and Literacy Spring {April} Common Core

It is here!! I promised it would be out before the month of April was here and I followed through! =)

If you are not familiar with my Daily Math and Literacy Packets let me tell a little about them! They have many uses and cover a great amount of skills in a short amount of time with students able to complete independently! I use these worksheets as MORNING WORK! They have become a part of my students' daily transition each morning. The worksheets take about 5-10 minutes to complete with little instruction needed from the teacher. After introducing the worksheet on Monday the rest of the week has similar expectations. I only have my kinders for half day (2 hours and 40 minutes) to be exact, so every minute of learning time is so very precious to me!

Other teachers have used these Daily Math and Literacy Packets as NIGHTLY HOMEWORK, as well as, EARLY FINISHERS WORK!

Here is a short description of my newest packet for the month of APRIL! {This packet contains 40 pages, but this month I intended for the pages to be printed 2 sided.}

40 pages printed 2 sided (4 weeks) of April MORNING WORK! Quick independent Daily Math and Literacy mini review worksheets! Changing Phonemes, Blending Sounds, Squiggle Line Sentence Writing, Sorting Like Things, Sight Words, One-to-One Correspondence, Non-Standard Measurement, Bonds to 5, Subtracting Pictures, Building Ten and MORE! Created with kindergarten in mind.

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My Classroom

Under Construction!!
Hello Friends! I am currently updating
my classroom section. Stay tuned
with many more pictures to come!

A place to share great teacher ideas! Here is my
preschool classroom from my home! 

I have taught kindergarten for the past four years and I will began my fifth year this fall! Before teaching kindergarten I taught preschool for four years. Three years ago I taught kindergarten part-time only, so I took the opportunity to open my own preschool! These pictures
are from my preschool classroom in my home.