Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily Math and Literacy Spring {April} Common Core

It is here!! I promised it would be out before the month of April was here and I followed through! =)

If you are not familiar with my Daily Math and Literacy Packets let me tell a little about them! They have many uses and cover a great amount of skills in a short amount of time with students able to complete independently! I use these worksheets as MORNING WORK! They have become a part of my students' daily transition each morning. The worksheets take about 5-10 minutes to complete with little instruction needed from the teacher. After introducing the worksheet on Monday the rest of the week has similar expectations. I only have my kinders for half day (2 hours and 40 minutes) to be exact, so every minute of learning time is so very precious to me!

Other teachers have used these Daily Math and Literacy Packets as NIGHTLY HOMEWORK, as well as, EARLY FINISHERS WORK!

Here is a short description of my newest packet for the month of APRIL! {This packet contains 40 pages, but this month I intended for the pages to be printed 2 sided.}

40 pages printed 2 sided (4 weeks) of April MORNING WORK! Quick independent Daily Math and Literacy mini review worksheets! Changing Phonemes, Blending Sounds, Squiggle Line Sentence Writing, Sorting Like Things, Sight Words, One-to-One Correspondence, Non-Standard Measurement, Bonds to 5, Subtracting Pictures, Building Ten and MORE! Created with kindergarten in mind.

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