Saturday, October 5, 2013

Currently October

September is over and October is here!
I simply can't believe it!
We are two weeks away from fall break
and there is so much that still needs to be done.
However, I am so impressed with my students
and how they are adjusting
to our work station rotation system
and how they are becoming more and more
independent everyday!
This past week I sat back for a moment and watched
as my students were so engaged in their learning
and I was able to begin assessing!
I actually said out loud, "They ARE getting it!"
It was so great to see!
Snow! Snow! SNOW!
in the beautiful Colorado!
Here is my Currently for the month of October.
A few days late, but I got it!
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  1. I am SO NOT excited to get snow ANY time soon. You just keep that snow in Colorado and away from Chicago!
    I was happy to sleep in until 7:45 today. Happy us!
    Enjoy your snow,

  2. Love, love, love that you have snow! I can't wait til it gets somewhat cold down here in Texas, still won't need a big coat though :( I'm very jealous of places with 4 distinct seasons.

    Tales From Two 2nd Grade Classrooms

  3. I am going to be in Denver next week. I hope the will be gone! He he he. Amber - Kindergarten Rocks Blog