Sunday, December 8, 2013

Five for Friday {Linky Party} December 6th

Hello Friends!
 Hope you had a great Friday. This week absolutely flew by for me.
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for the weekly Five for Friday.
1. Conference Week Survival Kit
This gift is from a teacher parent of mine! I think it is
ABSOLUTELY adorable!
I have the MOST amazing parents of my students this year!
My kindergarten families have been so supportive.
I have amazing parent volunteers, as well as, parents that
send little gifts to me on regular school days just to say Thank you!
I really appreciate the family involvement and support
my kindergarten students receive at home.

2. Scholastic Book Club
I love books and it just makes my day when the new
scholastic catalogs arrive!
I recently had a parent offer a gift for the classroom and I think
this simple gesture is so kind!
It makes me smile and the students LOVE reading new books!

3. Pentatonix: Little Drummer Boy
If you have any sort of social media I'm almost positive you have
already seen this video, but I love it so SO MUCH
that I had to share it with all of you!

Here is another great song maybe you haven't heard them sing yet!
Pentatonix - Royals (Lorde Cover)  

O.M.G. I am obsessed! ;)
We Are Young - Pentatonix (Fun Cover)

 4. Teachers Pay Teachers {Cyber Monday Sale}
Here is a shout out to Teachers Pay Teachers!
This past Monday was the annual Cyber Monday and Tuesday Sale.
I have some amazing followers that came out in huge support of my store.
To say thank you is not merely enough.
My life truly has changed since joining TpT. I know there are those haters
out there who simply don't understand it yet, but I hope
they too someday will understand the greatness behind the whole idea of TpT.
I bought my first product from TpT two years ago from the
Top Seller herself the inspirational Deanna Jump.
After purchasing this packet I was hooked!
A year later my full time teaching job was cut to part-time. We had
just recently purchased our first home
and I didn't know how we were going to
make ends meet with my small teaching salary now being cut in half.
It was then that I decided I needed to just TRY!
I became a premium seller and haven't looked back since.
This is the first FREEBIE I posted on Teachers Pay Teachers.
This seems a bit silly to me now, but it does offer a variety!

This is my first paid product I posted on TpT.
This packet has since been one of my top ten selling items.
How Teachers Pay Teachers has changed my life!
Not only has TpT provided me with financial security.
TeachersPayTeachers has...
1. Inspired me
2. Made me a BETTER Teacher
3. Challenged me to do more for the students in my classroom.
4. Given me a creative outlet
5. Allowed me to connect with teachers around the world.

I am so THANKFUL for Tpt!

5. Sorting Long Vowels
We are reviewing long vowels this week during our reading instruction.
Here is a LONG Aa Vowel Sort FREEBIE!


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