Friday, July 5, 2013

Kindergarten Sight Word Activities and a FREEBIE!

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Sight Word MEGA Pack!
169 pages with14 Sight Word Activities that can be used ALL YEAR LONG
Below are just some of the engaging activities that are included.
1. Sight Word Flash Cards {Word Wall, Memory, Student Reference}
2. Write the Room {Student recording sheet}
3. Roll, Say, Keep! {Reading Sight Words}
4. Color and Graph {Student recording sheet}
5. Sight Word Sticker Book {Reading and Spelling Sight Words}
6. Read, Write, Stamp! {Student recording sheet}
7. Spin, Read, Write! {Student recording sheet}
8. Sight Word Boxes {Student recording sheet} {Writing and Spelling}
9. I have… Who has…? {Reading}
10. Rainbow Writing {Student recording sheet} {Writing}
11. Spin, Read, Search and Color {Student recording sheet}
12. Sight Word BINGO!
13. Color by Sight Word {Student recording sheet} {Reading with Color Words}
14. Fill in the Missing Vowels {Reading, Writing, Spelling}

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Print, laminate, attach cards with metal ring. Students simply can use a
dry erase marker to fill in missing vowels!
This activity is easily differentiated! Students still learning sight words
can use word bank card to search for and identify the missing
vowel. While students who are more familiar with sight words
do not need to refer to word bank.
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 I have included these worksheets in color, as well as, in black and white.
Black and white worksheets can be copied as needed.
The colored worksheets can be printed and laminated to use throughout the
entire school year! Students can use dry erase markers or
visa visa markers.
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Students roll colored dice that is included in the pack.
Provide colored pencils, crayons, or marker for students to use as they trace
over each sight word with different colors creating a rainbow.
Each spinner is numbered 1-7, as well as, matching worksheets being
numbered 1-7. My students absolutely LOVE playing this game with a partner!
Each student choose their own colored pencil and then they simply
take turns spinning a sight word. After spinning the sight word students
must read {AND SAY} the sight word out loud.
Then the student writes the sight word independently on the graph.
Partners continue to work until the graph is filled.
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This is a fun partner sight word activity OR small group sight word activity.
Four sight word mats are included; Blue, Green, Orange, Purple.
Each student chooses one sight word mat
and then lays out six sight word cards one per dice box.
Students take turns rolling a dice and then reading the sight word
card located in the numbered dice box.
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 This activity is provided in color sheets, as well as, black and white sheets.
The black and white worksheets can be copied as needed.
The colored sheets can be printed and LAMINATED to use over and over
throughout the school year.
Students can use dry erase marker OR visa visa marker.
This activity is my students' absolute favorite!!
They LOVE playing it with a partner! Each partner chooses a different
color marker and taking turns spinning a sight word.

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