Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer!! Top 10

I am linking up with Deanna from Mrs. Jump's Class for Summer!
My Summer is almost here... The countdown has definitely begun!
We still have 10 days left. So little...
Yet SO MUCH MORE than some! This year it's bitter sweet.
My Summer will be filled with family and friends time, but I'm really
going to miss this bunch of Kinders!

1. This Summer we have huge plans for our backyard! Last year we had the same plans,
but this Summer is looking more promising! I have a HUGE list saved
of my dream backyard landscaping on Pinterest!
Click on the picture to be taken to the website!
CLICK HERE to find more of my Pinterest inspiration!
2. When I first moved out to Colorado my friends took
me to see Wicked the Musical. I loved it!
I've been obsessed ever since!!
I want to take my fiancé this Summer!
Click on the picture to find tickets!
3. Camping, Camping, and MORE CAMPING!
I love the quiet and relaxing climate.
4. As always every Summer I take some time to sharpen up my
teaching skills with some professional development.
Last Summer I had a LARGE reading list and I didn't have
a chance to get through all of the books.
CLICK HERE to see my Summer Reading List.
Literacy Work Stations: Making Centers Work by: Debbie Miller
The Next Step in Guided Reading by: Jan Richardson
I read both of these books last Summer and they saved my life!
After implementing the daily work center rotation schedule
my students were able to independently rotate through our daily work
stations AND I was able to focus and give 100% of my time
to my small groups of students for guided reading and RTI instruction.
5. MORE professional development with online learning!
If you are not familiar with this site you MUST check it out!
They offer online learning workshops all year long with courses
about Common Core, Teaching students with Autismn,
Guided Reading and Writing, AND MORE!
CLICK HERE to see the featured course list!
6. I'm looking forward to hopefully going home to NEBRASKA and
spending some time with my family!
Nebraska... the good life!
While my fiancé begs to differ (he is born and raised in Colorado)
Nebraska has some of the most beautiful sunsets!
 CLICK HERE to see some of the beauty!
7. Teachers Pay Teachers Store
I will finally have time to work on more packets
for my Teacher's Pay Teachers store. I have so many ideas
and things I have used in my classroom this past year, but I will
finally have time to spruce up my ideas!
CLICK HERE to find my store! 
Below are a few of my best sellers. Click on the PICTURES to find each!
Kindergarten Morning Work
 Math and Literacy Center Signs
Sight Word Packets
Write the Room Packets
Writing and Reading Comprehension Packets
Use with any fiction AND non-fiction book! 
Bossy Rr /  Rr Controlled
 CLICK HERE to find Graphics by SPC
CLICK HERE to grab this calendar freebie!!

8.  We're hoping to visit Telluride, Colorado again this Summer.
We went last Summer and fell in LOVE! Not only is
the scenery absolutely breath taking. The people you meet are friendly and down to earth.
While riding the free gondola from Mountain Village down to
the town of Telluride you can meet people from all over the world!
Click Here
Click on the picture to find great deals!

9.   Lose track of time!
No more calendar time and looking at the clock every 5 minutes
to make sure that I  squeeze in as much learning
as possible in every minute of the school day!

10.  Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and don't forget
to remember what this weekend is about!
Thank you to those who have fought for our freedom!

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