Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday - Very Hungry Caterpillar, Sharks, End of The Year and MORE!

Hello Friends!
Well, I have definitely been MIA as I have been relaxing and crossings things off my summer to do list! I meant to post this post last Friday, but I just didn't have time. So, here it goes!

The last week of school in my kindergarten classroom we spent time revisiting some of our favorite books we had read throughout the school year! The students talked with their carpet neighbor and listed all the books they could remember. Then as a whole group we voted on some of our favorites! The Very Hubpngry Caterpillar was one of the winners!

We read the book and then watched the video on YouTube.

After retelling the story in order beginning, middle, and end each students brainstormed ideas of what their caterpillar would eat! The. We were ready to begin our craft!

1. I gave my students a cut up sentence that was out of order. They wrote the food their caterpillar and a nod then cut and glued the sentence in the correct order. 

2. Then I gave each student a small white square and they drew a picture do the food their caterpillar ate.

3. Before cutting out the caterpillar each student drew a setting for their caterpillar!

4. Now it was time to begin making the caterpillar! I gave each student small rectangle squares of construction paper and then they created their caterpillar! I love how each one is unique!

"My caterpillar ate pizza."

"My caterpillar ate strawberry."

"My caterpillar ate watermelon."

"My caterpillar ate apple."

"My caterpillar ate a leaf and apple."

"My caterpillar ate salid."

We also incorporated math by graphing what our caterpillars ate, but I didn't take a picture of our survey graph. Sorry! :(

After spending time researching sharks we wrote our own books and then made these cute sharks!
"Sharks are fish."

This is our pretty kitty Maddie and our cute puppy Bentley staring intensely at the little bunny in our backyard!

After our flowers were almost completely destroyed they are now making a good comeback!

This is a HAIL STORM. Not a snow storm!

Here are our flowers today!

Last we made these for our families as a kindergarten year keepsake! I love how each student's personality shines through!

This was a gift from a parent! I love it! :)
"I teach kindergarten. What's your superpower?"

And it's personalized with my name! 

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