Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday - Betty Bunny

This series is absolutely adorable each with a valuable lesson taught! Each week we celebrate a student as a V.I.P. Student! **Very Important Person! Part of that is a student bringing in a favorite book and I read the book to the class. This student brought in Betty Bunny Wants Chocolate Cake! It was so great and the students LOVED it! The lesson was about patience.

A few weeks later that parent of the student gave me this book for my classroom! 
Betty Bunny Wants a Goal! And of course my Kinders loved it!

This is a story teaching the lesson of working hard and not giving up! Betty wants to play soccer, but when she doesn't even touch the ball during the game she quickly thinks soccer is yucky an no fun at all. Betty Bunny's siblings explain that she can do anything if she works hard and doesn't give up!

Betty wanted to be the star of the game.

Betty tried so hard to score a goal. But she failed big time! 
She wanted to give up, but her friends and family wouldn't let her.

Betty practiced soccer with Bill for a whole week.

Will her practice and hard work lead her to a goal... 
Or maybe something more?!

Here are a few more books from the Betty Bunny Series!
By: Michael B. Kaplan and illustrated By: Stephane Jorisch.

CLICK HERE to get the book on Amazon.com!

I am linking up with Deanna from Mrs. Jump's Class Book Talk Tuesday! 
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  1. Hi Stef,
    Found you through the book linky! I love this book. I think it goes along well with the book I talked about -- Leo the Late Bloomer-- the message in both not giving up when the going gets tough! I'm adding it to my Amazon shopping cart (it is quite full). Thanks for sharing!
    Lunch, Snacks, and Recess

  2. So glad you & the kids like the books! This is definitely one of Natalie's favorite series!